SAB (South African Breweries)

"Caroline's inspirational passion for barndancing worked wonders for a team event that I arranged for the soft drinks division of SAB's HR department at Kloofzicht in Gauteng.

The participants were intrigued and all participated! The energy levels were high, there was raucous laughter and good-natured teasing throughout. The comments I got afterwards were: "We had a blast! It was such fun!"

The group was mixed in terms of gender, race and physical ability, but no-one felt marginalised or excluded. I can recommend the "barndance babe" for any function where the aim is good, clean fun. Thanks, Caroline! Hanli Buber, Key Account Manager.

The Grove Primary School

The Grove held its annual Grade 7 Barn Dance in November this year. Having lost the services of our usual caller, we were referred to Caroline Blundell by a colleague.

The evening was most successful - largely due to the part Caroline played as a caller. Her instructions were clear and the children responded well to her friendly disposition. Caroline made good use of her assistant, Simon, as he was able to roam around assisting struggling groups and facilitating more complicated dance routines.

Both Caroline and Simon were patient and encouraging with the children. As a result all the children participated enthusiastically and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

I would strongly recommend Caroline and Simon to be used for a Barn Dance. Caroline Prinz

"The Grade 7 Barn Dance was an unforgettable experience for me. Being a terrible dancer, I was worried that I would make a fool of myself, but Caroline made it so easy to learn.
Thank you for a great night of fun and laughs!"
Marcus, Age 13

I must say the Barn dance must have been the wierdest, hilarious and funniest nights of grade 7! We were all looking forward to it and we were not disapointed at all. It was a fabulous night. We were dancing and singing and having loads of fun just messing around and learning heel-toe, heel-toe coming out of our ears.
I had lots of fun and so did my friends. It was great! It was a night to remember.
Most people were saying it was going to be boring, but in the end they had the most fun of all. It was an amazing experience!
Lailaa, Age 13

Fish Hoek Primary School

With children having such a range of interests and tastes, and what is considered to be cool, plus the fact that many are verging on puberty and the awkwardness that often accompanies it, we have nevertheless always found the Barndance theme a roaring success.

The key element is "100% involvement," and this Caroline very skilfully achieves through her expert guiding and "calling" and the renditions of her refreshing repertoire of barn dances, square dances, and line dances.

Our sincere thanks go to Caroline for these fun-filled, memorable occasions. We would certainly not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wishing to engage in her sevices.
The Grade 6 Teachers

Greenfield Girls Primary School

Caroline Blundell hosted a superb evening of fun at the Greenfiled Barn Dance earlier this year.

The dance floor was packed with enthusiastic pupils, parents, and teachers who participated with great energy and enjoyment.

Caroline coached and coaxed us along in such an encouraging manner that even the most reluctant and shy dancers were whooping it up by the end of the evening!

It was the best "fun" family evening we have had at Greenfield!

"... we had a great time" Jennifer
"... I love barn dancing" Roxanne
"... I had the time of my life!" Danny O'Connell

St Martins Church, Cape Town

The barn dance turned out to be more fun than we ever imagined! We never dreamt we would enjoy ourselves as much. If we didn't pull a muscle dancing, the laughter surely did it!

Your organisation and the dancers, who demonstrated the moves, were great. I was really thrilled that everybody took part in every single dance. Your music and calling made it easy for everyone to feel comfortable while on the dance floor.
Dorothy Raine

21st Birthday

When my son, a 3rd year student at UCT, said that he wanted to have a Barn Dance for his 21st birthday party I must admit I was sceptical. How would a bunch of hip and hot young academics take to dressing up and spending the evening skipping and hopping about the dance floor? (Not to mention the family members, most of whom are in the late 50's age group).

Well, what a terrific evening was had by all. Everyone "came to the party" and dressed up in cowboy dress, young and old alike. Caroline Blundell's operation is slick and professional, taking a minimum of time to set up. She and her assistant, the charming Samantha, had their hands full with an excitable group of 20-somethings, but we were soon all doing the moves and having fun. I couldn't understand why my jaw was aching until I realized that I was laughing more than I've done in ages!

The sets of dances were spaced to accommodate speeches, meals, and just plain "rest time" and we finished our last set at three minutes to pumpkin-time. Many of the students came to me afterwards and said how much they had enjoyed the evening. It was something completely different where everyone got to meet everyone else and it was an evening that I, certainly, will remember for a long time!
Sandi Bryant